Double Spindle CNC Plate Drilling Machine
This machine is suitable for mining machinery, iron accessories, bridges, electric power, communications, automobile and other industries.

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1. The machine tool mainly consists of the bed and longitudinal slide table, gantry and transverse slide table, vertical ram drilling power box, workbench, electrical control system, hydraulic system, cooling system, chip removal system, centralized lubrication system, etc. .

2. The machine tool adopts the form of mobile gantry and fixed workbench, which effectively saves floor space.

3. The machine bed and workbench are independent, which improves the stability of the equipment and effectively reduces vibrations generated during high-speed drilling.

4. The longitudinal and transverse movements of the machine tool are guided by precision roller linear guides, which greatly increases the rigidity of the equipment.

5. The spindle motor uses a special servo motor to drive the spindle through a synchronous belt. It has stepless speed regulation, large low-speed torque, can withstand heavy cutting loads, and is suitable for high-speed machining of carbide tools.

6. The drilling spindle adopts Taiwan precision spindle (internal cooling), the spindle taper hole is BT50, and has a butterfly spring automatic broaching mechanism. The drill bit or milling cutter can be installed through the connecting rod, and the hydraulic cylinder releases the tool, making it very convenient to replace the tool.

Tool intermal cooling.jpg

Technical Parameter



Working area10000×1000012000×12000
Taper holeBT50
Spindle rotation30-3200/6000
Max. drilling diameterφ80/100/120
Max. tapping diameterM42
Max. milling cutter head diameterφ200
Spindle motor power22/30/37/45
Positioning accuracy≤0.02/2000

Details of Double Spindle CNC Plate Drilling Machine



Precision Roller Guide

The two beds are each equipped with two precision roller guide pairs (RGW65), and a set of precision ball screw pairs (BFU8020) is installed in the middle of the two guide pairs, and the lead screw support device is installed in the middle of the lead screw pairs. A set of high-quality column slide table is installed on the guide pair, and a set of large inertia AC servo motor is installed on one end of the bed.

Ram Type Power Head

The vertical slide table and power head ram are both cast from high-quality gray iron (HT300). The spindle motor of the power head uses a special servo motor for the spindle to drive the spindle through a synchronous belt. It has large low-speed torque and can withstand heavy cutting loads and is also suitable for high-speed machining of carbide tools. Achieve drilling, tapping and milling all in one.



Heavy Precision Spindle

The power head spindle adopts Taiwan Jianchun heavy precision internal cooling mechanical spindle, spindle taper hole BT50, with butterfly spring automatic broach mechanism, gas-hydraulic pressurization cylinder loose knife, the tool is very convenient to replace. It can be fitted with cemented carbide internal cold drill bit and high-speed steel twist drill bit, and has a spindle cone hole purging cleaning function.

Automatic Chip Extractor

The machine is equipped with a plate chain type automatic chip extractor and a chip collector for the automatic collection of iron chips. The exit section size of the chip removal machine is 400x200mm, the height is 2000mm, and the thickness of the chip removal machine board is ≥3mm.