You can find on this page, Mechanical CNC Turret Punching Machine, Servo Motor CNC Turret Punching Machine, CNC Punch Laser Combination Machines, CNC turret punching machine is a kind of CNC machine tool. It is a high-precision and high-efficiency metal sheet punching and nibbling processing equipment controlled by CNC technology. It uses single punching cutting method, nibbling method and punching cutting method. Holes and parts of various shapes and sizes are punched out by methods such as nibbling, and it is especially suitable for multi-variety medium and small batch or single-piece plate punching.

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Unit Cost Efficiency of the Turret Punch Press

For batch runs and the production of 3D or formed parts, the unit part cost efficiency and productivity of CNC presses are unmatched

Ritec offers a wide range of turret punch press that can be customized to your needs.

Ritec is a great value for basic presses with low operating costs. To meet the higher capacity requirements, Ritec produces turret punching machines for 28/32 tool stations, equipped with cast integrated and thickened turret die disc, which are long in use and not easily damaged, suitable for short and long-term production.

If energy efficiency is critical, Ritec produces an all-electric servo turret punch press that dramatically reduces power consumption to only 1/3 that of a hydraulic punching machine,

The punching machine can achieve rolling, engraving, silent processing and other punching processes, the processing range can be customized according to your needs, high efficiency and low energy consumption at the same time can greatly meet your needs.

If you need to process more complex workpieces, such as louvers, and also have complex shapes or extremely fine slits that require laser cutting, we also produce laser compounding machines that can achieve tapping, sinking, turning, rolling, shearing processes, sheet punching, forming and shearing processes at one time, reducing material handling and secondary operations, combining the two technologies in one machine. Thus improve the efficiency, save 6% to 10% of materials, improve the utilization of materials, reduce production costs