The main purpose of hydraulic nut

  1.  The metal slitting machine is axially locked with the blade;

  2.  Fastening fixtures for forming;

  3.  Fastening fixtures for other shafts

  4.  Good quality and long life.

  5.  The burr of the slitting plate is small.

  6.  The axial locking force is large, so that the blade is firmly locked on the rotating shaft.

  7.  The body of the 4.3K Nut is made of aluminum, which is light in weight and easy to install and disassemble.

  8.  There is no need to refuel daily, the axial force is stable, the sealing is good, and there is no oil leakage.

  9. Reduce the wear of the blade and prolong the life of the blade; shorten the time of tool setting and improve the efficiency of the equipment.

     Slitting Line Hydraulic Nut Advantage

     material selection

     Each longitudinal shear slit has a different strength and effective axial length. The number and size of all slitting tools are naturally also very different. How to fix these loose   ultra-high-precision tools together to form a unified cutting system is an unavoidable problem to ensure high-quality cutting. Appropriate hydraulic nuts can reduce the   operator's work intensity and can stably lock all slitting tools on the cutter bar.

     According to your budget and requirements, our expert team will develop customized solutions for you, including but not limited to hydraulic nut material selection, precision,                 system, etc. If necessary, our on-site team will come to your company to study current cutting problems and improve your cutting quality.

     Extend service life and save costs

     By selecting suitable raw materials and systems for hydraulic nuts and combining them with mature production processes, we can produce hydraulic nuts with significantly longer         service life, thereby reducing your tool purchase costs.

     Precise strip width control

     Ultra-high precision slitting tools allow you to achieve perfect strip width control. The application of high-standard hydraulic nuts effectively improves the rigidity and precision of           the entire shearing system.

     Edge Quality Control

     Appropriate tool raw materials and advanced production technology ensure that the slitting knife remains sharp. The ultra-high-precision cutting tooling ensures the dynamic                 stability of the gap between the upper and lower knives. Goodklife high-standard hydraulic nuts have excellent pressure bearing capacity, which greatly avoids the problem of gap       instability caused by pressure relief. Lock the blade and the spacer to make the gap between the upper and lower knives more stable, and the burr on the cut strip is smaller

     Close Tolerance Guarantee

     The company currently has several ultra-fine grinding machines and lapping machines. Every employee in the finishing workshop is deeply rooted in the pursuit of high precision,         strictly abides by the operating system, and ensures that every cutting tool is qualified

     Heat Treatment Guarantee

     We have all kinds of heating, annealing, quenching and tempering equipment, and equipped with a group of experienced professional senior engineers. After years of experience       summarization, the company's unique heat treatment process has been formed. Not only the safety factor of the blade is high, but also the production efficiency can be                         significantly improved and the cutting cost can be reduced.