Our slitting machine carries out slitting on cold or hot rolling carbon steel, tinplates, stainless steel, and other kinds of metal that have coated surfaces. It is a useful slitting machine, widely used during the processing of home appliances, automobiles, hardware, steel products and more

It is composed of the following:1. entry coil car, 2. uncoiler, 3. slitter, 4. scrap coiler, 5. tension unit, 6. recoiler, etc. It has the advantages of high cutting quality, high material utilization rate, stepless adjustment of cutting speed, etc.

Uncoiling Unit

1. Several coils can be pre-placed on the loading station to improve working efficiency.
2. This uncoiling unit of our slitting line adopts a hydraulic collapsible drum, which does no harm to the sublayer of the material. It is capable of carrying out tensile uncoiling or manual material unloading, which effectively prevents the material from deflecting and scraping.
3. Both single-head and double-head type uncoiling units are available.

Slitting Unit

1. The slitting head arbors are fixed in eccentric sleeves. The slitting angle remains unchanged if the blade has just been polished.
2. This slitting line has two slitter heads. While one is running on line, kives setting up can be done on the other, which can greatly eliminate production down-time. As a result, this slitting line carries out slitting and blade changing simultaneously. This greatly increases the working efficiency.
3. Hydraulic locknuts could be used for higher blade positioning precision.

Tension Unit

1. Two pre-separation devices are fitted to this tension unit. The disengaging shaft could be transversely removed for faster switching of separating plates.
2. It has a friction type tensile working table. The adjustable tensile could be offered by hydraulic power or pneumatic power.
3. Our slitting line could also be equipped with a roller type tightening machine, which is suitable for materials of coated surfaces because it does not harm the coated surfaces.


1. Our slitting line could be fitted with a seamless hydraulic expansion coiler, which does not damage the sub-layer of the material.
2. The material clamping device has stress reducing characteristics. The roundness of the winding drum remains unchanged for plates of different thickness.
3. It carries out firm, dense and neat coiling.

Parameters of Slitting Line

Model/ Items

Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

Slitting Number