Automatic uncoiler

The single-head uncoiler is equipped with a feeding trolley, which shortens the docking time of two coils and improves production efficiency. The single-head retractable cantilever reel adopts a four-link cantilever expansion and contraction structure, and has a photoelectric detection for hydraulic release and tension, and an alarm function for no material.

300T hydraulic press

The main engine is composed of the fuselage, oil cylinder assembly, press mobile device, bracket and so on.

The fuselage adopts an integral frame structure with high strength.

The slide block guide adopts four sets of heavy-duty linear guide rails to guide the slide block with high running accuracy and anti-bias load, and the press slide block runs smoothly and smoothly.



Fully closed loop servo feeder

1 pair of feeding rollers, using spring pressing, pneumatic loosening, servo motor control, to meet the punching requirements 1) The feeding speed can be set freely, and multiple groups of different feeding lengths can be input.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

The Contains a straightening device to prevent the workpiece from twisting and bending, and is easy to adjust

The archway roller frame is a casting, after stress relief annealing, it is processed, and the verticality is good

The base adopts a welded structure and has undergone stress relief treatment; the assembly work surface has been processed, and the relative assembly accuracy of the archway is guaranteed