Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
The two-beam and thrie-beam guardrails are one of the main components of the road anti-collision guardrails. One machine can make the two wave and three wave plate shapes, and only need to replace 3 moldings. The speed of this machine is fast, and it can produce three kinds of products with punching holes in one minute. The whole production line adopts servo motor, which makes the machine more precise and more efficient.

The main process route is: uncoiling-leveling-servo feeding-on-line punching (end and reinforcement holes)-cold roll forming-tracking cutting-automatic coding
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Specifications of Guardrail Roll Forming Machine

Material cold rolled low carbon steel
Raw material yield strength235Mpa
Raw material tensile strength≤550Mpa
Coil outer diameter≤Ф1600 mm
Coil inner diameterФ610mm
Strip width≤500mm
Strip thickness12.4~3.5mm
Single roll weight≤6000 kg
Production line speed17m/min (length 4320mm)
Main motor power55KW

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Details of Two Three Wave Guardrail Plate Equipment


Special hydraulic punching machine

High-speed punching die is adopted, the punching die needs to be replaced when the plate type is changed, and the punching position can be adjusted separately. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, long service life and convenient adjustment.

Reinforcing hole punching press

It can complete the punching of a set of 19X50 reinforced holes on the two wave m guardrails at the same time

It adopts four-column double-beam structure. The punching of the reinforcement holes on the guardrail can be completed.

A punching die including reinforcement holes for two-wave guardrails and three-wave guardrails



Pinch delivery roller table

It mainly includes pinch machine, conveying roller table and so on. The conveyor is composed of power series, cylinder clamping device and so on.

The molding unit adopts an independent frame. The material is made of high-quality die steel Cr12, the hardness after quenching is HRC58~62, and the surface of the roller is polished after finishing. The roller has high precision and long service life.

Arch material: QT470.

Roller shaft material: 40Cr, quenched and tempered, hardness HRC45~50