The THD series is a gantry mobile high-speed cross-beam CNC drilling machine specially produced by Ritec. It is mainly used for three-sided drilling of large-sized H-shaped steel or box-shaped beams. Carbide drill bits can be used for internal cooling high-speed drilling, and high-speed steel can also be used. Twist drill bit with external cold drilling.


Details of Beam Drilling Line


The mobile gantry is welded from high-quality steel plates. It has been thermally aged to completely eliminate internal stress and has strong stability.

Gear and rack transmission without backlash, high transmission precision and large torque.

The bed is horizontally installed with high-load-bearing linear roller guides and large-module precision helical racks. There are multiple adjustable pads distributed on the bottom of the bed, which can be easily adjusted horizontally.



The machine has three ram-type drilling power heads, left and right horizontal drilling power heads and vertical drilling power heads to meet the requirement of drilling holes on three sides of the workpiece simultaneously. The drilling power head adopts a precision high-speed spindle which has high rotation accuracy and good rigidity.