Hydraulic Plate Punching Machines
1. CNC slid driling head, can control the depth of hole, have the function of drilling blind hole, expandinghole, and chamfering.
2. PLC control system, LCD display
3. Programme based on windows, Auto CAD , and support lofting software TEKLA6 Auto chip-remowa system, cooling liquid are circular
4. The whole machine are integrated designed, don't need to lay the foundation
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Video of CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Specification Of CNC Gantry Drilling Machine

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Max. Size of work Piece(mm)2000*12002000*16003000*1600
Max. Thickness of Work PieceMax.100mm, can overlap the thinner plates in process
Morse Taper of Main SpindleBT50
Max.Drilling Diameter 50mm
 Drilling SpindleRotating Speed120-560rpm(stepless speed adjustment)
Feed Stroke180mm
No. of clamps12
Clamping force of each clamp7.5KN
Motor Power5.5KW(7.5KW Optional)
 Motor PowerX/Y axis power1.5KW/1KW
Z axis power0.85KW
Pump Motor2.2KW
Motor of cooling Pump0.25KW
Swarf conveyer motor0.2KW


Integrated Machine Body

The machine bed adopts an integrated design and a column structure, which is welded by high-quality steel plates, and undergoes thermal aging-roughing-finishing to eliminate the internal stress of the workpiece. Ensure that the machine tool has sufficient rigidity, strength, and long-term stable operation of the machine.

Four Processing Areas

12 hydraulic clamps can clamp four sets of workpieces, the workpiece can be assembled and disassembled while drilling, the four processing areas can be stacked for processing, and the processing efficiency is higher



Power Head Main Spindle

Driven by precision servo spindle motor, the speed can be adjusted steplessly as required. The spindle is equipped with a pneumatic tool cylinder, and the drill tap or milling cutter is clamped by the BT40 chuck to realize quick drill change.

High Quality Machine Parts

Well-known brand components ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment and the drilling accuracy