Hydraulic CNC Plate Punching and Drilling Machine
CNC hydraulic punching and drilling compound machines are mainly used for processing connection plates in power transmission and transformation towers, communication towers or steel structure processing, as well as for punching, stamping and drilling flat materials in other machinery industries.
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Maximum workpiece size (mm)1500*8001500*800
Workpiece thickness (mm)5-255-30
Punching force (KN)10001200
Max. punching diameter (mm)φ26

Punch die number

Minimum margin (mm)25
Punching accuracy (mm)±0.5
Spindle taper holeMorse 4#
Max. drilling diameter (mm)φ50
Marking force (KN)8001000
Group of marking characters1212
Character size14*10*19

machine body.jpg

Punching Main Unit

The machine structure is welded by C-shaped steel plate,

Stress is removed by tempering heat treatment, with good rigidity and strong eccentric load resistance

Punching and Pressing Device

The hydraulic drive system is used to press the plate when punching, so that the punching position is accurate. It is composed of pressing oil cylinder, pressing claw, capstan shaft, etc.

Punching and pressing device.jpg

Y moving unit.jpg

Y-axis Moving Unit

Panasonic servo motor drive system. Precision screw drive

Sheet metal shielding prevents the servo motor from being contaminated by dust.

X-axis Moving Unit

Drive mode: Panasonic servo motor drive system. precision screw drive

The metal plate shield prevents the servo motor from being contaminated by dust.

X moving unit.jpg