JGX1516 Reinforced CNC Angle Steel Punching Line
This machine is a high-speed CNC production line for angle steel, which can punch both round and slot holes. It adopts high-power hydraulic cylinders, special-shaped punches, reinforced mold bases, and set up 3 working stations on each side. It can punch round or slot holes for angle steel with width of 40-150 (mm) and length of 6m.

This machine is an ideal equipment for iron tower production and steel structure processing

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Angle Size(mm) (L*W*T)


Max. Punching size( Dia. *Thickness)mm


Punching Force(KN)


Marking Force(KN)


Shearing Force(KN)


Max. Length of blank(m)


Max. Length of Finished(m)


Punches Qty. Of Each Side


Group of Marking Characters


Stadia Range (back mark)mm


Stadia servo Motor Power(KW)



1. Adopts servo motor feeding system with high efficiency and steady high precision

2. The key parts of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic are international famous brand to assure the high and steady quality

3.The key cable (rotary coder cable, PLC cable etc.)imported from Germany , will not cause the accuracy error because of the signal interference.

4. Simple program, easy operation, the user only need to input the parts size, hole diameter, stadi , parts number. Or can transform from CAD/CAM

5. The computer display by many language for easy operation, can display the parts drawing

6. Fully automatic process of marking, punching and shearing

7. Have the self-diagnostic function

8. Four shear functions, can be chosen freely (shear the front, back, both side shear, free of shear),can make sizing material

9. The machine equipped with retainer and pressing devices, suitable for the angle steel with bigger bending. Our company have made completely improvement on the front and back retainer device to make sure the new structure avoid the spring can’t be sprang after using sometime, which often happens in other companies.

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