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Welcome Friends From UAE To Visit Jinan Ritec Factory!
Time : 2024-02-23
Jinan Ritec welcomed two customers from the United Arab Emirates today. The customers contacted us through a well-produced video on Jinan Ritec's Instagram( and expressed strong interest in our CNC Slitting Machine.


This customer's specific requirement is to use a CNC Slitting Machine to process steel pipes. After adding the contact information of our product manager and discussing in detail, we provide our customers with a customized technical solution that fully meets their needs for steel pipe processing.


The customer was very satisfied with the technical solution we provided and decided to visit our factory in person. During the visit, customers expressed great interest in our CNC Slitting Line and spoke highly of our professionalism and technological innovation capabilities.


Currently, we are discussing further cooperation plans with our customers. This successful interaction not only demonstrated the advantages of our products and the strength of our company, but also proved that social media is an effective market expansion tool that can help us reach and attract potential customers from all over the world.


Jinan Ritec is committed to continuously improving product quality and service levels, establishing connections with more international customers through various channels, and exploring more cooperation opportunities together. We believe that through continuous efforts and innovation, Jinan Ritec will achieve greater success in the global market.