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Jinan Ritec's Birthday Party Was Held And The Spring Festival Holiday Was Coming
Time : 2024-02-06

On the last working day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar in 2023, Jinan Ritec held a warm birthday party today to celebrate the birthdays of two of the company's employees, Kevin and Jennie. The entire company gathered together to send the most sincere blessings to the two birthday babies.

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At the party, the company prepared exquisite birthday cakes and flowers for Kevin and Jennie, and they made beautiful wishes amidst everyone's blessings. Everyone blessed them in unison and shared the happy birthday moments. A warm atmosphere permeated the entire office.

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With the singing and laughter of birthday songs, we also ushered in the Chinese New Year holiday. During this traditional holiday, companies will put down work, reunite with their families, and enjoy a wonderful holiday. This is also a beautiful ending for us to welcome the new year and welcome a new beginning.

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Here, Jinan Ritec sincerely wishes every employee, as well as all customers and partners, a happy Chinese New Year! In the new year, I wish you all the best, all your wishes come true, your family is happy, and your career is prosperous!

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We wish you all a happy New Year and a happy reunion!