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Jinan Ritec Celebrates Kevin Lau’s Birthday!
Time : 2024-04-30
The last day of April brings us a special reason to celebrate and be grateful - the birthday of our dear colleague Kevin Lau. In order to give Kevin an unforgettable surprise, the team secretly planned a birthday party, carefully preparing cakes and flowers to express our best wishes to him.


Kevin, who had no idea beforehand, was deeply moved by the scene in front of him when he entered the conference room. The table was covered with flowers and a beautiful birthday cake, surrounded by smiling colleagues.


Amid cheers from his colleagues, Kevin blew out the candles on his birthday cake and made a wish. This traditional ceremony is not only a celebration of growing older, but also a look forward to hope for the future.


At the end of the party, Kevin took a photo with his colleagues, leaving an everlasting memory of this happy day. Everyone in the photo has a happy smile on their face. These precious moments will be treasured by us forever.


Thanks to Kevin and all team members for their hard work and contribution, we look forward to more such warm and energetic moments in the future.