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Commissioning Of The Slitting Line At The Customer Site
Time : 2023-08-25

According to the needs of users, we customize special equipment for customers-steel coil slitting line. After many tests and debugging by Ritec engineers, it has been put into use.


This Is Our Slitting Line


What Are The Features Of This Production Line?

  • The slitting line adopts a single support plus auxiliary support structure, which has good rigidity and high slitting quality.
  • For sheet metal shearing, it has high productivity and shearing accuracy. The high degree of automation greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, and at the same time, it can save inventory and reduce costs because it can produce plates of various specifications at any time according to needs.
  • The upper and lower gaps of the slitting rollers can be adjusted dynamically, and the inlet and outlet ends can be adjusted separately.
  • The slitting cutter shaft is supported by high-precision machine tool spindle bearings, and the axial and radial runout of the cutter shaft is small; the cutter head is fastened by screws, tightening and firm, and can be quickly and accurately adjusted in place according to different sizes, which is convenient for tool setting and tool changing. The stacking frame adopts the pneumatic blanking method, the sheet material is transported reliably, and the impact is small, which not only improves the cutting quality of the sheet material, but also improves the productivity.
  • Hydraulic drive, stable and reliable action, low noise, convenient and reliable maintenance.
  • The whole line is controlled by numerical control system, equipped with frequency conversion or electromagnetic speed regulating device, with high positioning accuracy and easy adjustment of shearing speed.
  • The main electronic control components and hydraulic components are equipped with imported products, which have high working reliability; the control system has strong anti-interference ability and self-diagnosis function, which can help quickly find out the cause of failure.
  • Fully consider the safety of human and machine, take reliable protective measures to prevent misuse, and cut off the power supply as quickly as possible in case of emergency problems.

Ritec specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of various types of leveling machines, slitting lines, cold rolling production lines, flying shears, flying shear lines and other machinery. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact Ritec.