Wind Power Industry
Time : 2023-07-28
Wind Power Industry

With the increase in the world's demand for energy and the strengthening of environmental protection, the healthy and orderly development of the wind power equipment manufacturing industry, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools has increased. In recent years, for the processing of wind power industry components, Ritec Machinery has actively developed independent knowledge Property rights solutions to meet the needs of industry development.

Ritec provides the most productive and cost-effective solutions for wind power, nuclear power, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, petrochemical and other industries.

1. Machining of blade bearings, yaw bearings and drive chain bearings

Such super-large bearings put forward higher requirements for dimensional accuracy and processing technology, which requires high-load, high-precision, and high-stability CNC drilling and milling machines for precision machining. Bosman split high-speed bearings are widely used. CNC drilling and milling machine, the machine bed span is 2m-17m, which meets the size requirements for processing large bearings. The mobile gantry is flexible and flexible, and the double-head CNC drilling machine improves processing efficiency.

2. Processing of wind turbine frame and wind turbine shaft

The frame is the basic part of the wind turbine unit, all components are installed on the frame, and the wind turbine shaft is a large-scale shaft component at the core level of the wind turbine unit. These two workpieces have extremely high requirements on the machine tools used. , not only the processing accuracy and efficiency must be considered, but also the convenience of operation is also the difficulty and pain point of processing. For such workpieces, ritec can provide a complete set of processing solutions,

3. Processing of wind power ring gear

The wind power ring gear is an important component of the yaw system in wind power equipment. Because the design life of the yaw ring gear is generally 20 years, coupled with the particularity of the installation location, it is difficult to maintain and the replacement cost is high during use, so There are high requirements on the manufacturing precision and quality of the ring gear. Ritec high-speed CNC drilling and milling machine has automatic tool setting, precise positioning, tool internal cooling, optimizes the processing process according to the characteristics of the workpiece, and guarantees product quality on the basis of improving automation and processing efficiency.

Our CNC drilling machines are manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards and customer requirements. The machine has long-term and excellent stability.

Wind power/nuclear power can provide drilling and milling of wind turbine spindles, stators, hubs, flanges, ring gears and other products.

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