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CNC Turret Punch Press Safety Technical Operating Procedures
Time : 2023-09-21

 CNC machine are used more and more widely. CNC turret punch is an important type of equipment in CNC machine tools. In daily production, when using a CNC machine, the operating procedures must be strictly followed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of production and operation. Therefore, we need to establish scientific safety technical operating procedures for CNC turret punch presses to enhance the safety awareness of operators and ensure work safety.

The basic principle

1. Comply with national safety standards and technical regulations to ensure safe operations:

2. Integrate safety awareness into daily operations and adhere to the principle of safety first:

3. Carefully study and master the relevant knowledge of CNC turret punch press, and master the operating skills proficiently

Safe operating procedures

1. Preparation before operation:

(1) Carefully check the electrical wiring and hydraulic system piping of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is operating normally and that there are no safety hazards such as leakage;

(2) Check the fasteners and transmission parts of each component of the machine tool, and remove any obstacles that may hinder the operation of the machine tool;

(3) Turn on the main power and conduct a comprehensive test of all functions of the equipment.

2.Safe operation control:

(1) Adhere to the "three no's" principle, that is, no overspeeding, no air leakage, and no overloading

(2) Before operation, check whether the machine tool programming program is correct and whether it meets the operation needs.

(3) Do not operate the equipment when there is an abnormality;

(4) Do not open the upper door covers of the machine tool and the operating table cover at will;

(5) Do not hang other external objects on the equipment clamps to avoid affecting the operation:

(6) Operators are not allowed to open the electrical box door at will or disassemble any parts of the equipment.

3. Precautions for safe operation:

(1) During operation, you are not allowed to walk around or smoke, and you are not allowed to smoke near machine tools, electrical control cabinets and water tanks;

(2) When performing mold changing operations, the prescribed steps should be strictly followed to strengthen the safety control of mold changing machines;

(3) During operation, do not put your hands close to the cutting tools and components of the machine tool, especially gears, screws, transmission chains and other parts that are easy to injure the machine tool operator;

(4) During operation, if equipment leakage, abnormal sound, odor, vibration, etc. occur, the machine tool should be shut down immediately and reported to maintenance personnel.

Post-operation handling and maintenance

1. After the operation, the power supply of the machine tool should be cut off, the air source should be closed and the working area should be cleaned; 2. Regularly check whether there are any abnormalities in the operation, control, lubrication and safety protection devices of the equipment;

3. Carry out regular inspection and maintenance, eliminate faults in time, ensure the status and performance of the equipment, and ensure the long-term stable operation of the CNC turret punch press.

The operation of CNC turret punch press is relatively complex. Operators must always conduct safety control according to operating procedures and strengthen safety awareness. Managers must also strengthen safety education and training, strengthen repair and maintenance, ensure long-term stable operation of equipment, and effectively improve the efficiency and safety of operations.

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