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Why Choose an All-electric Servo CNC Turret Punch Press?
Time : 2023-09-20
Why Choose an All-electric Servo CNC Turret Punch Press?

The worktable of the all-electric servo CNC turret punching machine can move left and right and forward and backward according to the set program. The mold can be automatically exchanged or automatically loaded and unloaded. It is directly driven by a high-torque servo motor, so it can be punched in a single punch or step punch. way to process parts of various shapes and sizes.

Ritec's all-electric servo CNC turret punch press has the following advantages.

1. The machine is easy to use and saves mold opening costs.

Integrating machinery, electricity and hydraulics, it is used for processing various types of metal sheet parts. It can automatically complete a variety of complex hole shapes and shallow drawing forming processes at one time. (It can automatically process holes of different shapes and sizes and hole spacing as required. , small punches can also be used to punch large round holes, square holes, waist-shaped holes and curved profiles of various shapes in a nip punching method. Special process processing can also be carried out, such as blinds, shallow drawing, countersunk holes, flanged holes, etc. Reinforcing ribs, embossing, etc.). Through a simple mold combination, compared with traditional stamping, a lot of mold costs are saved. Small batches and diversified products can be processed at low cost and short cycle. It has a large processing range and processing capacity, thereby adapting to the market in a timely manner. and product changes.

2. The sheet metal punching machine has high processing accuracy.

The machine has high punching accuracy, small punching burrs, good workpiece flatness, less subsequent processing, low scrap rate, high forming quality, high dimensional accuracy in digital punch processing, and good dimensional consistency of the product.

3. High production efficiency and fast delivery time.

All-electric servo CNC punching machine process quickly. For large-size plates, it can basically be completed in one process, unlike traditional processing, which requires multiple processes and is processed on many different equipment. In this way, the intermediate links, post-processing procedures, mold design, etc. are reduced, and through simple molds and CNC integrated processing, labor is greatly saved and costs are reduced.

4. It can perform different processing such as punching and forming.

In addition to processing different graphics through simple small punches and rotating molds, the servo punching machine can also process shapes (such as punching blinds, embossing, flanging, etc.), as well as It can process threads, etc. and has great adaptability.

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