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Precautions for Replacement of Punching Dies in CNC Angle Line
Time : 2023-09-05

Ritec's CNC angle steel production line is the most common fully automatic special production line in the power tower communication tower industry. With the rising labor costs in recent years, more and more processing manufacturers have chosen automatic production lines to replace manual production. So, how to correct What are the precautions when replacing the angle steel wire punching die?

CNC angle steel punching, marking and shearing production line.

After the processing program is compiled, when the punching die is replaced, what diameter punch should be installed on each mold frame of the angle steel wire punching host, and there will be a corresponding prompt on the computer screen. If the punch is replaced incorrectly, the punched out on the workpiece The hole will not meet the requirements of the drawing. The inspection of the first workpiece in processing is very necessary, because the wrong punch is installed, or the hole distance, accurate distance, and number of holes of the workpiece are entered incorrectly during programming, the processed workpiece will become a waste product. Since the punch in the middle of the angle steel wire punching machine is aligned with the center point of the force of the punching unit, when selecting the installation position of the punch in the programming process, the punch with a larger diameter should be placed on the middle mold frame. After the machine has been running for a period of time, pay attention to check whether the fastening nut of the punch is loose when it is stopped. The above are some important matters that should be paid attention to when using the JNC series CNC angle steel production line to replace the punch die.

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