Introduction to CNC Channel Steel Punching Machine
Time : 2023-10-17
Introduction to CNC Channel Steel Punching Machine

The CNC channel steel punching machine is a CNC processing and production equipment that has been favored in the domestic steel structure processing industry in the past two years. It is mainly used for secondary processing and production of channel steel in bridges, buildings, pipe corridors, mining machinery, glass curtain walls and other industries. It has practical functions such as automatic batch number printing, automatic three-sided punching, and automatic cutting.

CNC channel steel three-sided punching machine usually consists of a feeding device, a feeding channel, a CNC feeding trolley, a typewriter, a movable left-wing CNC punching machine, a right-wing CNC punching machine, a ventral CNC punching machine, a shearing machine, It consists of discharging channel, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, electrical system, etc. The process flow of the production line is: the loading device transports the channel steel to the feed channel → the manual-assisted CNC feeding car manipulator clamps the channel steel → the end positioning of the channel steel → typewriter typing → punching by two airfoil CNC punching machines → The ventral CNC punching machine punches → the shearing machine cuts → the manual control of the discharging channel flips and discharges the material.


Through the cooperation of each processing unit of the three-sided punching machine, the automated marking, punching, and cutting of channel steel are completed.


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