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Features of CNC Plate Drilling and Milling Machine
Time : 2023-09-12

Different from pd series cnc drilling machine, Ritec high speed CNC Drilling and Milling Machine machine bed is cast in high-quality grey cast iron, without the need to make a foundation.

Gantry mobile dual-side dual-motor dual-screw synchronous dual-drive, stable performance, flexible movement, accurate positioning.

Adopt Taiwan BT50 spindle, can use hard alloy internal cooling drill bit, the processing efficiency is very high.

The slide-type drilling power head is adopted, which can realize the automatic conversion of fast-forward-work-forward and fast-rewind, and has the function of automatic chip breaking.

Equipped with pneumatic tool cylinder for automatic tool change, and optional tool magazine.

Can directly convert Auto CAD drawings to generate processing programs.

Automatic chip removal, coolant circulation.

CNC plate drilling milling machine features:

1. It is a high-efficiency flat drilling processing equipment.

2. The processing area is divided into four processing areas. You can drill while loading and unloading workpieces, and at the same time, you can also program the drilling processing files.

3. There are 3 pressure cylinders in each zone

4. The workpiece can be loaded and unloaded while drilling

5. The hydraulic feed is two-axis (X-axis and Y-axis)

6. The servo feed is three axes (X, Y, Z axes).

7. At the same time, it can also program the drilling processing files.

8. It has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity and high reliability.

9. The equipment is mainly composed of bed, gantry, power head, automatic chip removal and circulating cooling system, electrical system, etc.

10. It can clamp a single piece or overlap multiple steel plates at one time. (The overall height of the stack is not more than 100mm)

CNC gantry drilling milling machine X-axis transmission:

1. On the left and right sides of the machine base, a linear rolling guide rail pair with high bearing capacity is arranged on each side, which is used to guide the left and right brackets of the moving gantry.

2. The left side of the machine base is equipped with a set of drive mechanism composed of AC servo motor, synchronous pulley and ball screw for the longitudinal movement of the gantry (X axis).

3. A set of hydraulic locking block is installed on the right side of the machine base, which locks the gantry during drilling, reduces the force on the guide rail slider and the ball screw pair, and ensures high positioning accuracy and repeatable positioning accuracy.

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