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Composition of CNC Angle Steel Production Line
Time : 2023-09-26

The CNC angle line is the main production equipment dedicated to the production of iron towers and angle steel towers in the power and communication industries. It can automatically perform secondary processing operations such as numbering, punching, and shearing on the processed rough angle steel, thus replacing manual operations. While improving processing efficiency, it can also ensure the processing efficiency of punching and cutting. The angle steel processed by the CNC angle steel production line can be directly galvanized to produce finished angle steel components for building angle steel towers.

The main components of the CNC angle steel production line and the characteristics of each part include the following aspects:

1. Rough material rack is a rough material placement rack for CNC angle steel production line. The blank material rack is composed of 4 chains with speed dial, welding bracket and reducer. The chain and speed dial are driven by the reducer, driving the angle steel to move forward, slide down into the V-shaped groove at the front end of the material rack, and flip to the feed channel to complete the loading. 

2. Loading and turning device

It consists of bracket, rotating arm, chain, transmission shaft and reducer.

When loading, the reducer drives the rotating arm to flip the angle steel from the V-shaped groove at the front end of the blank rack to the feed channel to complete loading.

3. CNC feeding car

For longitudinal feeding of angle steel.

The CNC feeding trolley consists of a trolley frame, a gear shaft, a manipulator, a cylinder, a roller and a servo motor.

The feeding trolley driven by the servo motor can complete the precise positioning of the longitudinal movement of the angle steel.

The trolley has a buffer device to prevent the trolley from continuing to move forward after hitting the material, causing damage to the equipment and trolley.

X-axis feeding adopts servo motor transmission, rotary encoder feedback, and full closed-loop control.

4. Feed channel

Used to carry angle steel.

It is composed of bracket, transmission rack, trolley guide rail and V-shaped roller table.

5.Punching unit

There are two punching units in total, used to punch the two limbs of the angle steel.

The punching unit consists of a vertical plate, punching cylinder, punching mold frame, punching die, ball screw and servo motor.

The servo motor drives the punching mold frame to move, which can quickly and accurately position both sides of the workpiece with high efficiency and reliable work.

There are 3 sets of dies on each side, which can automatically switch between 3 apertures.

6. Shearing unit:

Used for cutting angle steel.

Using a single shear, the shearing efficiency is high, the work is reliable, and there is no waste during shearing.

It consists of shearing body, shearing cylinder, shearing tool and pressing device.

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