Cable Ladder Tray Roll Forming Machine
The production line is carried out according to the following process:
Uncoiling → leveling → looper (storage) → servo feeding → multi-station punching machine (cutting) → forming host → finished product output

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Coil outer diameterФ1200 mm
Coil inner diameterФ508mm
Strip width<1050mm
Strip thickness1~2.5mm
Single roll weight  ≤7000 kg
Power requirements380V, 50Hz, 3 phase
Effective working speed of the whole line5~15m/min


The automatic decoiler with single-head mode and pneumatic clamping device can be adjusted quickly and reliably, and is equipped with a pneumatic brake device.

leveling machine

Adopt 7-roller leveling, 2 pairs of feeding rollers, pneumatic clamping of feeding rollers, frequency conversion speed regulation, switch control.

At the entrance of the leveler, there are feeding shovel head (support plate) and upper pressing arm. It is convenient for the end of the coil to enter the leveling machine to guide and feed the material smoothly, and to ensure the smooth guidance of the plate between the uncoiler and the leveling machine.

leveling machine.png

punching die.png

Multi-station punching machine cutting machine

It adopts liquid four-column press method, which is economical, applicable and fast. The punching distance can be adjusted in the horizontal direction of the plate, and the punching step can be changed through the electric control system.