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C, Z-shaped steel purlins are formed by high-strength steel plates through cold pressing, and have the characteristics of uniform wall thickness, adjustable specifications and sizes, and high compressive strength. After being formed by cold bending, the cross-sectional size of C-shaped steel is light, but it is very consistent with the stress characteristics of the roofing bar, so that the mechanical performance of the steel can be fully exerted, so that the C and Z-shaped steel bars can reduce the weight of the building roof and reduce engineering costs. Therefore, it has become an economical and efficient steel, and it is a new building material that replaces traditional steel bars such as angle steel, channel steel, and steel pipe. The combination of C and Z-shaped steel sandalwood bars and light metal tiles is the best choice for light steel buildings.

  The application of C and Z-shaped purlins has the following characteristics:

  Light weight, low cost

  The construction is simple and convenient, because the sandalwood strips can be directly cut to length, punched, and completed at the same time from a professional processing factory, and transported to the construction site for direct installation.