CNC Flat Steel Punching, Marking and Shearing Machine
The CNC flat steel punching, marking and shearing machine has the functions of punching, marking and cutting the flat steel. It can also punch the channel steel. It can also be called a CNC flat steel production line.
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Flat Steel Punching Machine Technical Parameters

FunctionPunching, Marking, Shearing for Flat Bar, Punching for Channel Plate
Workpiece Thickness3-12mm
Max. Punching Size(Dia. *Thickness)mmRound Hole φ26, Slot Hole φ22*50
Punching Force(kN)800
Marking Force(kN)700
Shearing Force(kN)1000
Punching Dies Number on Each Side3
Max. Length of Flat Steel(m)6m(can be customized)
Width Range of Flat Steel40-140mm
Feeding Speed50-80m/min
Marking Position4
Shearing Position1(Straight and Arc Shearing Can be Replaced)
Marking Size14*10*19mm
Marking Characters No.12
CNC Axis Number3
Shearing ModeSingle Blade for Straight Position, Double Blade for Arc Position
In-feed Channel Length10m
In-feed ModeCNC Carriage + Linear Type Guide

Details Advantage Of CNC Flat Steel Production Line

  1. One-person operation: The CNC flat steel production line  completely realizes the easy operation of the equipment by one person, and saves one person compared with the equipment of other equipment manufacturers in the same industry.

  2. High efficiency and high precision: On the premise of ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment, we have made a lot of optimizations in hydraulic and electrical procedures, (including adding shearing non-pause/pause knobs) to make the equipment run efficiently and stably. At least 1/3 faster than peers
  3. Inclined structure feed channel: Considering that the flat steel is easily deformed during the hoisting process, the inclined structure is adopted, and the flat steel can be closely attached to the bearing wheel by the gravity factor in the feed channel, and there will be no bending material impacting the main machine of the equipment. , which cannot be produced.
  4. Flat shearing and arc shearing:  The machine is composed of horizontal feeding platform, feeding channel, CNC feeding carriage, punching unit, marking unit, shearing unit, outfeeding channel, hydraulic station, control cabinet, pneumatic system, etc.

CNC Flat Steel Punching Line Applications

This machine is a special equipment for the fully automatic production of flat steel marking, punching and shearing in the power iron accessories industry. Special equipment for fully automatic production of flat steel punching and shearing in the automotive leaf spring industry.