Fiber Laser Punch Combination Machine
24/32 Station
The laser punch combination machinehas the functions of punching, forming and laser cutting.
High Speed,High Productivity
Compact Layout, Small Floor Space
Low Energy Consumption
Process Range Expansion
It can not only quickly cut flexible and changeable special-shaped contours, but also obtain smooth and flat cutting sections at the same time.
It can also quickly and economically punch out standard contours and complete complex forming processes such as countersinking, turning holes, and rolling beads
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Why Choose Ritec Punch Laser Combionation Machines?

1. During the use of the laser punch machine, the plate punching, forming and shearing process are completed at one time, and the workpiece is directly generated from the raw material, replacing the traditional processing process of punching and shearing separation, reducing the processing time by about 60%, improving It improves the processing efficiency, saves 6% to 10% of materials, improves the utilization rate of materials, and reduces production costs.

2. The laser punch machine also reserves interfaces that can be matched with warehouses, automatic feeding manipulators and stacking devices, which provides convenience for further expanding automation and forming a CNC punching and cutting sheet flexible processing production line.

3. Laser processing is characterized by high flexibility and can process complex workpieces. Punches are the best choice for machining standard holes because they require only one simple stroke to complete. If a part has special shapes, such as tapping, counterbore, shutters, etc., and also has complex shapes or extremely fine slits, laser cutting is required. Such parts are typical parts suitable for laser punching composite processing. At the same time, many geometric shapes of parts can be efficiently processed by a single punch or laser cutting machine. In this case, the advantages of a punch laser combionation machines can be brought into full play when processing a complex workpiece.

Ritec CNC Turret Laser Punching Machine Technical Parameters

Processing Size1500x5000 mm
Nominal Pressure300 Kn
Maximum Workpiece Thickness6.35 mm
Punching Accuracy±0.1 mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.1 mm
Laser Punching Machine Frequency1500 times/min
Cutting Speed30 m/min
Feeding Speed100 m/min
Laser Power1.5/2/3 Kw

Details of Fiber Laser Punch Press


Swiss brand, good quality. RAYTOOLS is themost popular NO.1 in the world. The laser punching machine has a built-indouble water cooling structure to ensure con-stant temperature of the collimating and focus-ing components, avoiding overheating of thelens and prolonging the service life of the lensThe protective lens can carefully protect thekey components
The bed adopts a closed structure, welded by steel plates, and has undergone heat aging treatment and finishing treatment.

Both the beam and the beam seat have undergone high-temperature heat treatment and aging to ensure the stability during long-term use.



Working table structure High elastic soft nylon brush table, including air float universal ball The table is durable, surrounded by stainless steel edging to effectively protect the edge brush from damage, and the air flotation platform can easily cope with the positioning of thick plates, reducing the work intensity of operators

Laser Cutting punching compound special system

Perfect combination of laser and CNC punch processing technology


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