Automatic Loading and Unloading System for CNC turret punching machine
The automation system is designed and developed according to the work required by party A and the working environment on site. By robot motion control
The whole process of automatic production, such as automatic layering, automatic taking,automatic feeding, automatic feeding, automatic discharging, can effectively guarantee
product quality, improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.
The whole system has a good operating interface, convenient for operators to use.
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Product feature: 

1) Without workers waiting for loading and unloading, super economic to complete medium to large batch production work; 

2) Automatic sheet thickness measurement, sheet separation and double layer sheet detection function; 

3) The structure principle of feeding system is to use vacuum suction device as the tool of the robot to replace the traditional manual feeding;

4) Improve work safety, reduce the risk of injury, reduce staff work

Max sheet sizemm1500×3200
Max sheet thicknessmm3.0
Min sheet thicknessmm0.5
Min sheet sizemm500×1000

Automatic loading system(1)_02.jpg

System structure and function 

The system is mainly composed of a major machine, an AF loading and unloading robot, raw material table, storage table.

Loading and unloading robot 

The robot adopts a two-axis structure, namely X axis and Z axis. X axis and Z axis adopt linear guide structure, smooth and fast operation, high precision, low noise

Automatic loading system(1)_03.jpg

Automatic loading system(1)_07.jpg

After the automatic feeding robot takes the material from the raw material area, through the action of the cylinder, the sheet material side deforms, which can solve the problem of absorbing multiple layers

Automatic loading 

Take material from the raw material table, and placed on the main machine table, through the robot assembly frame under the cylinder oblique pull the plate from the main machine table, the plate and the positioning pin on the side of the table and the clamp on the feed beam alignment, and then clamping the plate.

Automatic loading system(1)_04.jpg

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