PHD High Speed Cnc Gantry Steel Plate Drilling Machine
Ritec PHD series CNC high speed drilling machines are mainly used for the drilling of large plates such as flanges and tube sheets, precision spindles, high-speed drilling, and light milling of narrow grooves. High-speed steel twist drills can be used to drill holes, and CAD/CAM can be directly converted to realize automation, high precision, multi-variety, and mass production.

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Technical Parameters of High Speed CNC Plate Drilling Machine

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Prossing RangeLxW(mm)1000×10001600×16002000×16002000X20003000X1600
Sliding Feeding SpindleNumber of spindle1
Spindle modelBT40/BT50
Spindle speed(r/min)30-4500
Feed stroke(mm)260
Tapping diameter(mm)M20
Motor power(KW) Spindle servo motor7.5/11
Positioning accuracy(mm )0.1
Repeatable positioning accuracy(mm) 0.08
Control modeSIEMENS 808D CNC system/PLC+upper computer

Details of CNC Tubesheet Drilling Machine


High Strength Machine Body

The base and gantry of the machine are welded by high-quality steel plates. The rationality of the materials and reinforcements are fully considered in the design, and they are fully artificially aged to eliminate internal stress. Therefore, the dynamic and static rigidity is good, and the deformation is small.

Workpiece Pressing Device

The worktable has several horizontally arranged T-slot strips, on which the workpiece to be processed can be placed, and the workpiece can be pressed with a pressure plate through the T-slot.



Servo Motor Power Head

The machine adopts vertical CNC feeding ram type drilling head. The drilling head adopts CTB series spindle special servo motor to drive the spindle through synchronous belt. It has large torque at low speed, can bear heavy cutting load, and is also suitable for high-speed machining of carbide drill

BT50 Precision Spindle

The drilling spindle adopts precision spindle (internal cooling), the spindle taper BT50, and has a butterfly spring device, which is very convenient to replace the drill and milling-tool. It can clamp hard alloy internal cooling drill and high-speed steel twist drill.


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