JBX Series CNC Angle Punching, Marking and Shearing Line
1. Punching, shearing and other functions of angle steel, channel steel and flat steel.
2. It can punch eight-shaped holes, channel steel punching is limited to the web, channel steel and angle steel are single-edged shearing, flat steel is single-edged shearing and arc shearing (double shearing)
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Technical Parameters of CNC Angle Iron Punching Machine


The machine is a non-standard customized product, which can be customized according to your needs

Punching diameter(mm)Angle Steel 40х40х3~100х 100х10

Flat Steel 40×3-140×12

Channel Steel  8#-14#

Angle Steel 40×40×4-125×125×10

Flat Steel 50×4-140×12

Channel Steel 8#-14#

Angle Steel 40×40×4-140×140×12

flat steel 50×4-140×12

Channel Steel 8#-16#

Length(m)9 or Customized9 or Customized12 or Customized
Punching force(KN)8009001000
Punching Dies Number on Each Side3
Max. Punching Diameter*Thickness(mm)Round holeΦ26

Slot holeΦ22×50

Marking force(KN)650950
Marking Stations4
Marking Character Size(mm)14*10*19 or Customized
Character No.12
Shearing force(KN)165018502200

Details of CNC Angle Steel Punching Machine 



The shearing unit adopts a workbench rotary frame structure. It is convenient and fast to change the mold, where different shearing molds can be replaced to realize the versatility of the equipment
Unique upper and lower clamps, compared with traditional clamps, the front of the clamp is enlarged, and the rear contact surface is increased, which can adapt to the clamping of three different profiles. It has a self-positioning function, and the worker can directly tighten the material at the front end of the material channel. so-called one-man operation



The rear side of the trolley clamp adopts two rows of square guide rails, which serve two functions of fixing the clamp and guiding the clamp to retreat. Compared with the traditional single cylindrical guide, the layout is more reasonable, the straightness of the clamp is better, and the retreat is more stable

The supporting material and guiding material at the feeding port of the main engine are all spring floating mechanisms. Compared with the traditional one, it can adapt to the angle steel with large deformation. The material supporting spring is perpendicular to the A and B surfaces of the angle steel, with good guiding performance, long service life and convenient adjustment.