CNC Band Saw Cutting Machine
1. Cutting speed hydraulic control, stepless speed regulation;
2. The structure of the guide block is scientific and reasonable, which prolongs the service life of the saw blade;
3. Gantry type wire gauge double column structure, stable sawing and high precision;
4. Working clamping adopts hydraulic clamping, which is easy to operate;
5. The function of turning 0°~45°
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Video of CNC Bandsaw Cutting Machine

Features of CNC Bandsaw Cutting Machine

1. The material table of this band saw machine is fixed, and it adopts the feeding form of numerical control feeding and numerical control line feeding.

2. The machine body and worktable of this band saw line are all steel welded structures. The rationality of the materials and reinforcements used is fully considered in the design, and the internal stress is eliminated by sufficient artificial aging treatment. Therefore, the dynamic and static rigidity is excellent. The amount of deformation is small, and the strength and precision are more stable.

3. After the workpiece is moved and positioned on the band saw machine, the band saw machine has a reliable vertical and lateral clamping system.

4. To prevent the saw from being clamped: When the saw blade is sawing, there can be several automatic lifting and falling control processes, so as to avoid the saw blade being "clamped".

5. The band saw blade adopts hydraulic tension, and the saw blade maintains a good tension force in the fast movement, which prolongs the life of the saw blade, and the user can adjust the pressure according to the size of the section steel;

6. The band saw has a helical chip removal system, which can discharge the iron chips in the chip box of the machine tool into the chip box.

7. The machine tool has the function of rotating from 0° to 45°: the workpiece does not move and the whole machine rotates, which can complete bevel cutting at any angle between 0° and 45°. During the rotation of the worktable, the magnetic ruler detects the size of the rotation angle in real time, and stops the rotation when it reaches the set value. At this time, the braking device is used for braking to ensure the corner accuracy.

8. The PLC control system can realize the direct conversion of CAD/CAM, the operation is simple, and the sawing feed speed is adjusted by hydraulic stepless speed, which greatly improves the productivity.

Beam Cutting Line Details 


With front and rear fine-tuning devices and laser alignment lights, it can cut workpieces conveniently and accurately, and the sawing process is continuous.

The bed can rotate 0~45°, sawing the inclined end face



The tension of the band saw blade is controlled by hydraulic pressure, so that the saw blade maintains good tension during fast movement and prolongs the service life of the saw blade.

When the power is suddenly cut off, the saw frame can be manually locked to prevent the saw blade from being damaged.