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Features of CNC angle steel production line
Time : 2023-10-11

CNC angle steel production lineis a special equipment for fully automatic production of angle steel marking, punching and shearing for power and telecommunication angle steel towers. It adopts CNC technology to operate the entire processing process, saving time and effort, high efficiency, stable processing accuracy and easy operation.


Ritec angle steel production lines are mainly divided into two types, one is angle steel punching production line, the other is angle steel drilling production line. Angle steel punching production line mainly includes JGX4014, JGX1010, JGX2020, JGX1516 models, which can process 40-200mm angle steel , Angle steel drilling production line is suitable for large angle steel, mainly for drilling and marking of angle steel.


Nowadays, the labor cost is quite high, so the CNC angle steel production line has become an indispensable automatic processing equipment in the angle steel processing industry. Due to the convenience and high efficiency of the angle steel production line, the development of the angle steel line has achieved unprecedented success.


The main machine of Ritec CNC Angle Punching, Shearing and Marking Line

is mainly welded with steel plates, and the steel plates are welded after heat treatment, so that the main machine of the angle steel production line is small in size and good in rigidity;


Using CNC trolley feeding, the feeding speed can reach 80 meters per minute, and at the same time, it can punch 50 times continuously.

Compared with the traditional angle steel processing production line, it not only reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and processing accuracy;


With a fault self-diagnosis function, when the equipment fails, the emergency signal system will generate a signal, which can avoid further wear and tear of the machine, thus ensuring the production safety of workers.


The hydraulic system used in the angle steel production line is reversed by the solenoid valve, which is simple in structure, easy to use and easy to maintain.


Ritec CNC angle punching machine adopts well-known brand liquid, gas and electrical components, which ensures the quality and machining accuracy of the production line, and realizes multi-variety and multi-aperture machining.If you are interested in angle steel punching line, please feel free to contact Ritec.

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