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Application of CNC Steel Drilling Machine in Chemical Industry
Time : 2023-09-28
Application of CNC Steel Drilling Machine in Chemical Industry

Currently on the market, the processing methods for chemical flanges, heat exchangers, tube plates and other materials are still very simple. The traditional hole processing method is mainly used. First, the fitter scribes and positions, and then the positioned tube plates and other materials are fixed. On the vise, use a radial drill to drill holes. For large holes, you may even need to go through two procedures: drilling and reaming. However, with the enlargement of chemical equipment, higher requirements have been put forward for the tube sheets and other accessories used. While the diameter of the tube sheets is becoming larger and larger, and the thickness is getting thicker, it must also have tube holes. It has the characteristics of large quantity, density, small diameter and deep hole. What's more, the tonnage of some heat exchangers can account for about 20% of the entire chemical processing equipment, and some even as high as 30%. Faced with the increasing amount of processing projects, higher processing accuracy and heavier tonnage are often beyond the reach of manual processing. This urgently requires us to seek new processing equipment and new processing methods.

With the development and maturity of computer technology and CNC technology, the high-speed and efficient gantry mobile CNC plane drilling machine that introduces CNC technology has gradually demonstrated its superiority in hole processing, and has been gradually accepted by various processing enterprises to replace traditional drilling machines. Hole processing methods and benefit from the application of new CNC gantry drilling machines.

Compared with traditional hole processing methods, CNC plane drilling machines reduce processing steps and improve processing efficiency and processing quality. Compared with the traditional hole processing method, the advantages of using new equipment are reflected in the following aspects:

(1) The CNC plane drilling machine eliminates the manual marking step. The traditional hole processing and positioning method mainly requires skilled workers to mark the positioning at the designated position according to the requirements of the winter paper, and use a hand electric drill or a magnetic drill to drill the positioning hole. This method has large errors and low efficiency. When drilling on a CNC plane drilling machine, you only need to input the required drilling position, number of holes and other parameters into the computer, or enter the correct CAD design drawing, and use the photoelectric edge finder device to find three points on the workpiece at will, that is, It can realize the automatic and continuous processing of large holes by the drilling power head. It is very convenient to operate, has high precision and stability.

(2) The advantages of CNC plane drilling machines in processing large diameter holes. Traditional large-diameter hole processing requires steps such as scribing, positioning, drilling, and reaming. The CNC plane drilling machine is characterized by fully automatic CNC positioning for processing large-diameter holes. Large-diameter holes can be processed and formed in one step without the need for secondary hole expansion.

(3) In terms of processing accuracy, there are many uncertainties in artificial hole processing. The errors are large and difficult to assemble. When the errors are too large, the workpiece will be scrapped and bring losses to the enterprise. The processing method of the plane drilling machine adopts CNC positioning and precise processing. The positioning accuracy of the hole can reach +0.08mm, which can meet the processing requirements.

(4) In terms of processing efficiency. Artificial hole processing not only has low precision, but also low efficiency, and the processing procedures are cumbersome. The fully automatic CNC processing method using the gantry mobile CNC plane drilling machine can increase the drilling efficiency by 5-10 times, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working environment, and improve the quality and accuracy of products.

(6) In terms of efficiency, traditional hole processing requires one worker to mark the line, one worker to drill, proofing and positioning, one worker to load and unload, and one worker to drill. The CNC surface drilling machine only requires one technician and one loader. Save two labor costs. The traditional processing method takes about 3.0 hours to process a tube-sheet piece, while the flat drilling method only takes 0.5 hours, and the efficiency is increased by about 6 times. It can be seen that the processing method of flat drilling not only saves costs but also improves production efficiency. The most direct thing is to bring economic benefits to business owners.

Large project volume, batch production, high precision and high difficulty have long been the themes of the chemical machinery processing industry. Traditional artificial hole processing has long been unable to meet the processing needs of enterprises. The superiority of new equipment characteristics drives the industry to subjectively choose new equipment to replace the old equipment. processing method. Processing methods using new equipment CNC plane drilling machines.

It has also received many praises in the industry. Its effectiveness and superiority are obvious compared with traditional hole processing methods.

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