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Welcome Africa Friend to Jinan Ritec!
Time : 2024-04-28
Recently, Jinan Ritec factory welcomed a friend from Africa, who established contact with our product manager Jacey through acquaintances.


This customer, who has more than ten years of experience in the steel manufacturing industry, provided us with drawings and specific design requirements. Based on these needs, Jacey and our technical team customized a detailed steel processing solution for this customer to meet the customer's specified needs.

The customer informed us half a month in advance that he planned to visit the Jinan Ritec factory, and we carefully arranged the itinerary for him to ensure that he could understand our production processes and technological innovations in detail. After the visit, we optimized the technical solution based on customer feedback to ensure that our machines can better adapt to customer production needs.

This factory visit strengthened the cooperative relationship between Jinan Ritec and African customers. Jinan Ritec is not just a supplier of equipment, we strive to be a provider of technical support and services. As China's leading steel structure equipment manufacturer, 19-year-old Jinan Ritec has been setting industry standards and continuously providing high-quality steel processing solutions.


Are you looking for a reliable steel structure equipment manufacturer? Contact Jinan Ritec and let us help your business become more profitable!

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